Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should recruiters use Gecko?

Gecko is the leading AI-based Video Interview Bot that’ll help you to speed up the interview process. It aids large-scale recruitment, with reduced human intervention and errors. The sentiment analysis engine scans each interview to provide insights on candidate sentiments.Recruiters/hiring managers can review detailed reports, rate candidates and share candidate profiles with other recruiters. The console is simple to navigate, uses NLP to ‘talk’ like humans and is engaging not only for enterprises but also the interviewees.

Q. How can recruiters shortlist candidates using Gecko?

Recruiters can assess candidates using parameters like: video response, text transcriptions from the videos, smile index and sentiment analysis score calculated from data points collected from the videos, response to MCQs etc. The ranking report can be customised and sorted based on the parameters/weightage set by them. The ranking report gives a consolidated rank for all candidates.

Q. How can recruiters set up their Gecko account?

Recruiters can login to their accounts after completing the payment by clicking on the link displayed on the payment confirmation page - They can use their ‘Pre-registered’ details to log in and follow the guide to set up their accounts in 3 simple steps.

Q. How is the video interview conducted? Hiring managers/recruiters can set up interviews for candidates manually and also share open interview links with candidates for them to register themselves for different job positions. Candidates can then take the one-way video interview at a time and place of their convenience, within the stipulated deadline.
Q. How does Gecko evaluate results? Gecko’s AI-engine evaluates candidate responses by converting their video responses to text. It further analyses the sentiment score of the candidate using the texts and performs an emotional analysis using the data points from the captured video. The responses to the multiple choice questions are also considered for overall ranking of the candidates. Gecko’s automated leaderboard sorts candidates by performance.
Q. Where are the candidate videos saved? The videos are saved on Gecko’s cloud server and are accessible by recruiters/hiring managers through their dashboard. You can find them under the ‘View Responses’ menu.
Q. Can candidates view their responses? No, candidates cannot view their responses or modify them after submitting them.
Q. How are the candidates ranked? Candidates are ranked based on their overall ranking which is calculated by assessing - Sentiment score, Smile index, Recruiter rating and Multiple choice responses.
Q. How many interviews can be taken at the same time? Gecko allows recruiters to conduct multiple interviews at the same time. The upper limit of the number of interviews that can be conducted simultaneously, depends only on the chosen subscription package. Please click on the link to see pricing details.
Q. Are candidates being videod/watched constantly or only when answering questions? Candidates are recorded only when they respond to questions which require video responses. Other than that, they are not being watched during the interview.
Q. Are practice sessions available for candidates? Yes, practice sessions are available for all candidates before giving the actual interview. Candidates can give multiple practice interviews but once the actual interview starts, they can not go back to a practice session.
Q. Can candidates re-record any response? No. Candidates cannot re-record their responses after submitting them.
Q. How many times can candidates record each answer? Candidates can record each response only once.
Q. When will the interview link expire? For a particular job position, the interview will expire only after the date of expiry as set by you, is over. If you are a recruiter/hiring manager, you can change the expiry date for a job from the ‘Edit job’ menu on the dashboard.
Q. How long does a candidate take to complete one interview? This depends on the recruiter/hiring managers. If you are a recruiter, interviews are scheduled and set up by you. You can set timings for all interviews separately.
Q. What happens if a candidate quits or loses their internet connection mid-interview? If a candidate quits in the middle of an interview by closing the window, then the interview status remains ‘Started’ at the recruiters end and the same interview cannot be started again. The passcode is valid for only one interview session and cannot be repeated.
If a candidate loses internet connection in the middle of an interview session, he/she is alerted to check their internet connection and then resume the interview.
Q. If a candidate moves forward to another question, can they return to the previous one? Candidates can return to the previous question to only review the saved response. They cannot modify their response after submitting them.
Q. Can a candidate view their recorded interview after completion? No. Only recruiters/hiring managers can access the recorded interview after completion.
Q. How much time do candidates have to answer a question? This depends on the timing set by the hiring manager/recruiter. Maximum time limits for each interview question can be set separately.
Q. Who all have access to the recorded video interviews? Only the hiring managers/recruiters can access the results and watch the recorded interviews.
Q. How does Gecko simplify my recruiting process? Using Gecko, you can leverage important candidate insights and sieve through a large number of prospects to find the right candidates quicker. It conducts the first round of interview for different job roles and can function across different industry domains. NLP, sentiment analysis and randomized question banks, are few aspects of Gecko, which makes it a ‘smart’ virtual AI assistant for recruiters to conduct unbiased interviews.
Here are some ways in which Gecko can bring a change:
  • Reducing early stage screening time by up to 80%
  • Reducing the time required for the initial rounds
  • Reducing recruitment life cycle and costs by 50%
  • Establishing a more candidate-centric recruitment process
Q. What are the different formats of questions? Questions are video response based and multiple choice type. They cover topics like Introductory, Personal, Behavioral, Technical, Aptitude. New categories can be added whenever needed from the Question Bank menu.
Q. Can I use Gecko for open job interviews? Yes, open interviews are one of the key features. While setting up an interview you can choose from an open or closed type mode to set how candidates can apply for the position.
Q. What are the license/pricing options available? We offer several full-featured plans to suit your requirement. Choose you plan here.
Q. Is there a free trial? Yes. Gecko offers a full-featured free trial pack of 5 interviews.
Q. How can I upgrade from Starter to other plans? To upgrade to any other plan, please drop us a line at
Q. How can I get support if needed? If you are a recruiter/hiring manager, please drop in all your support related enquiries at
Q. Which devices and browsers do you support? The Gecko admin dashboard is only supported on Apple and Windows desktop devices. You can log onto the admin using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. To login as a candidate, you can use a desktop and a mobile device both. Download the iOS and Android apps or use the mobile browser to login.
Q. What do we need for a live video interview to run smoothly? To conduct/appear for a video interview smoothly, use a stable and fast internet connection (3G or more), use a good webcam/mobile camera and microphone. Check the systems requirements to know about the supported devices and browsers.
Q. Is Gecko a complete replacement for face-to-face interview? No, Gecko helps in the first level screening of candidates. Gecko’s AI-powered engine analyzes interviewee sentiments to provide insights on candidate attitude, positivity and overall sentiment. This is crucial for positions that require more than just skills. However, this is not a replacement for the entire interview process.
Q. What should candidates keep in mind before appearing for a video interview?

Here are some useful tips for a good video interview.

  • It is best to find a quiet room with bright lighting for the interview.
  • Facing the camera with confidence helps recruiters assess better.
  • No, it's not a face-to-face interview, but dressing right is important.
  • It is important to be clear, concise and creative while recording responses.
  • Using a high speed internet connection (3G or more) is a must.
Q. Is there a demo available? Click here to book a demo with us and see Gecko in action!